Grace Quadrocoptor

Arduino ISP bootloader problems and solutions

Just started learning to use atmel chips and using my arduino mega as an ISP programmer and thought I would post a quick list of the main problems I had and how I fixed them in case anyone else is getting stuck like I was.

Now I know all the problems a quick check list should be something like this:

  • Check wiring connections / basic power etc


Received my order of spares from Needed two spare Keda KD2217 propeller adaptors. Tip never do them too tight or they will strip when undoing as only aluminium, don't ask me how I know :). Rest of this order mostly spare wire & connectors ready for my HK-Drone style tricopter I plan to build next.

OK got a lot of stuff done:
* soldered up all connectors on motors and esc's
* mounted missile switch on quad copter
* didn't have any 10 awg wire so ended up using 12 awg and 16 strappedaped together just to be safe
* build power cabling system and wired it to missile switch
* tested all motors and esc's this included motors and ducted fans ready for hk-drone robot
* build a simple header so I could run all motors using one servo signal

Most parts have been ordered now this is a ruff list of parts i bought

1 x £4.99 ABS box MB5 (maplin YN40)
1 x £2.34 16/0.2 wire 10M blue (maplin FA27)
1 x £2.54 16/0.2 wire 10M black (maplin KR31)
1 x £238.54 SPEKTRUM DX7 DSM2 2.4GHz TX (mode 2) + 2x AR6200 RX (off ebay wanted for RC modal helicopters anyway, also have a old Futaba 6 channel skysport 6 (6YG-FM40) MODE 2)

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