Image Processing

This section is where i plan to put all the information and sources to image processing resources i have. Image processing is a interesting subject and something i plan to learn a lot more about so as time goes by this section should grow. vision_system.tar.gz This program is what i wrote when i wanted to start to get into the field of image processing its is basicly a demonstration program showing how to grayscale a image and then binarize it. As well as this it also has the ability to invert colours and grab sections of images in width x height size blocks around the mouse pointer. (Written in Visual basic) pixel_rgb_val.tar.gz This program shows the colour of the pixel that is is under the mouse as you move your mouse over a image on the apps form. It also shows you the R, G and B values. Useful if you want to know how to read individual pixels in vb and how to get the individual r, g or b channel values.(Written in Visual basic)