Finally i buy a NAS

Just orderd a NAS a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition RNDX400E. I had been meaning to get one for ages. will be so much nicer than using slow external drives for backups. Thinking for now ill take three of my  1.5 TB drives and put inside it in a raid 5. I could use all 4 of my 1.5TB drives not decided yet  as its handy having one drive with that much storage in a external small case. Still the device has the X-RAID2 technology so very easy for me to start small and auto expand my storage.

Im not looking forward to the first time this thing ryncs all my data. Thats about 2 TB over ethernet from my servers and around 1.5TB off external drives think this wil keep my computers busy for a few days lol.

Has NFS support so may even store and run some of my less important XEN images from it. Im planning on setting up an entire test network to help me learn more of the following pentesting, basic security stuff, hacking, setting up honypots etc. Its going to be a fun XMAS this year :)

Netgear official specs of unit are here on there site.