How to encode gtk-recordMyDesktop temp/incompleate files

If gtk-recordMyDesktop ever crashed and it didnt finnish encoding your output file you might want to try the following:

  1. open gtk-recordMyDesktop output directory if you dont know what it is look at advanched->files its the "working directory" path. For example mine is "/home/chiptoxic/.TMP"
  2. You should see the last sessions data in a folder something like "rMD-session-24144" i backed up this in case something goes wrong in the next few steps but i dont think you need to as looks like gtk-recordMyDesktop creates a new folder every time, but i like to be safe
  3. open gtk-recordMyDesktop and just let it record stuff (you will need "Encode On The Fly" turned off)
  4. Now that gtk-recordMyDesktop is recording you should notice a new session directory has appeared in your working directory folder for example "rMD-session-6977" open it and delete its files
  5. copy old file from crashed/failed encodeing session folder to the new now empty session folder for example in my example directorys listed above would be from "/home/chiptoxic/.TMP/rMD-session-24144" to "/home/chiptoxic/.TMP/"rMD-session-6977"
  6. stop gtk-recordMyDesktop recording by clicking the stop icon, now gtk-recordMyDesktop will grab the old data you just copied to its current session folder and kindly encode it for you. Notice the percentage bar will go above 100% now.

Hope this is of some help to others as i know i could not find any way to do this online myself and didnt want to spend ages reading the source code just to find out what format the temp files were in. But hell it seems to work for me