F##ck me i finally got XEN running a windows HVM guest and allowing me to access its VNC connection remotely (my servers headless so no SDL=1 option here). It took awhile but after abit of googleing for extra config options, a few cat and tail -f commans later i worked out all those dam cryptic xen error messages.

Now i can finnish setting up a test network and start playing with setting up honeypots and going through a pentesting and security course i found.


Website back up, i just finnished upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 through to 9.10 i thought it about time i did it. Looks like everything has worked. 8.04 did break my xen networking but that had fixed itself by the time i had finnished my upgrade cycle.

Just orderd a NAS a NETGEAR ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition RNDX400E. I had been meaning to get one for ages. will be so much nicer than using slow external drives for backups. Thinking for now ill take three of my  1.5 TB drives and put inside it in a raid 5. I could use all 4 of my 1.5TB drives not decided yet  as its handy having one drive with that much storage in a external small case.

If gtk-recordMyDesktop ever crashed and it didnt finnish encoding your output file you might want to try the following:


If you noticed site was slow lately its because im an idiot. I only gave my xen domain that runs this website 128mb of ram and mysql was runing out of memory but its been fixed now.

Well i finaly got my website setup now using Drupal on my Xen server. Now just got to fine tune things and start adding content i guess.

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