This page contains all the stuff i have made with blender. It also contains links to places i have found useful since starting with blender.



Fish tank - (Not finnished)
My hope is to make a cool looking fish tank and possibly even get the fish moveing. For now im slowly building towards this goal and as i learn more of blenders feature this should start to look beter.

picture of a fish tank

- (not finnished)
This looks abit crap at the moment but its the first time i have done something like this i stll have to create the lower jaw and then clean it all up and render but atleast it looks like a skull

picture of a skull
skull.jpg - this is the image i used to construct the skull

This is something i created as a simple background

picture of a planet
rock129.jpg - Texture i used

This is just a ball and shoe

picture of a ball and shoe
picture of a ball and shoe

This is my latest project and i think its come out quite good. Its not that complicated but then i have only been learning blender for 3 days now.

Train image
train.blend - Blender file

This is just a ball that bounces it may not look that impressive but as i been learning blender for just over a day im happy

image of ball in air abouve red floor
bounce.blend - Blender file
bounce.avi (191.9 KB) - AVI file that shows the ball bounceing  (uses Motion JPEG codec)